Our Team


A passionate team of cross-sector specialists committed to helping at-risk children, youth, and families.

Led by Teri Garstka, Ph.D, Associate Director of the University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and Research, the DAISEY team is positioned to provide guidance, tools, and technical assistance during all phases of shared measurement system initiatives.

DAISEY Director

Self-proclaimed Data DreamerTeri A. Garstka, PhD

Self-proclaimed Data Dreamer

Teri A. Garstka, PhD

Teri is an associate director at CPPR and oversees an awesome team of smart professionals who carry out multiple center projects in data science and research/evaluation. Teri feels a responsibility to make a difference for children and families by bringing the best data science practices and research/evaluation methodologies to bear for community and state partners working with families. She likes to ask the right questions and loves the challenge of solving complex problems, especially if it involves how to use data for social good. Teri has been involved in many large scale multi-partner data initiatives, helping use shared measurement approaches and solid implementation to support collective efforts to optimize the well-being of at risk children, youth, and families. She leads the strategic direction of two software applications (DAISEY, IRIS) designed to make life easier, not harder, when it comes to serving families and demonstrating the impact of investments in high quality programs. Teri received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 1997 from the University of Kansas.


Chief of Staff Morale, VisionaryJared Barton, MSW

Chief of Staff Morale, Visionary

Jared Barton, MSW

Jared works across a variety of data teams, including Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa MIECHV (home visiting). Jared’s experience working with non-profits and their case management systems informs his expertise in understanding and communicating about how data systems could and should work for the funder and for the user. As a result, he leads our DAISEY team of business analysts on the conceptual and functional development of DAISEY and interfaces with our technical and programming partners to make DAISEY what it is today. Jared enjoys the challenges of bridging the gap of understanding and communication between community partners, end-users, and software engineers. Jared received his M.S.W. and is pursuing his Ph.D. in social welfare from the University of Kansas. His favorite modes of communication are loud and sometimes inappropriate noises and Arnold Schwarzenegger sound boards.

Interpretive System Designer and Music Genre MavenJoe Coburn, MSW

Interpretive System Designer and Music Genre Maven

Joe Coburn, MSW

Joe works with our Nebraska MIECHV (home visiting) data team and other DAISEY projects, specializing in complex syntax development, quality assurance testing, and interpreting design use cases for our technical programming team. Joe’s past work with non-profit data systems informs his understanding and expertise in user interface and administrative data system integration. As a member of the business analyst team, Joe is well versed at making mock-ups of conceptual enhancements of DAISEY and translating needed features to developers. Joe received his M.S.W. in social welfare from the University of Kansas. Joe values his alone time and may have the music in his headphones turned up too loud.

Evaluation and Data Blender, HumoristOwen Cox, PhD

Evaluation and Data Blender, Humorist

Owen Cox, PhD

In addition to supporting evaluation projects at CPPR, Owen is part of the DAISEY business analyst team for the conceptual development of DAISEY. Owen’s experience with research design and program evaluation helps inform how data is structured and coded for subsequent analyses, enriching DAISEY data design and use. Owen relishes tackling the difficult task of structuring a system that is responsive to the evaluation needs of both funding agencies and community programs. Owen received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Kansas. He is always up for a challenge, be it an eating contest or helping create a comprehensive data system.

Policy and Implementation Specialist, Office OptimistRandi Harms, MS

Policy and Implementation Specialist, Office Optimist

Randi Harms, MS

Randi serves as DAISEY Implementation Lead coordinating the implementation and use of DAISEY for multiple large-scale initiatives. Randi feels a responsibility to use her skills in data science and facilitation to impact policy and programs, and improve outcomes for children and families. Using her implementation science expertise and experience working with state and local agencies, she supports partners’ work aligning policies to support systems at the state and local level. She also helps lead the development of training, security, and communication protocols for DAISEY. Randi received her M.S. in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University. Her perpetual positivity is uplifting, contagious and at times maddening.

DAISEY Support Staff

Implementation Specialist, ConnectorSarah Hernandez, LMSW

Implementation Specialist, Connector

Sarah Hernandez, LMSW

Sarah supports the implementation and use of DAISEY for Iowa Family Support and Kansas MIECHV. She gravitates toward connecting with others, whether it’s coaching high school girls, leading trainings, or working hard to get a new initiative off the ground. Before bringing her sense of acerbic humor and love of learning to DAISEY, Sarah worked in the child welfare field for more than 10 years. She earned a Master’s in Social Work from Kansas University. Outside of fun times with the DAISEY team, Sarah relishes time with family and friends.

DAISEY’s Technological Superhero

DAISEY’s Technological Superhero

Charles is a member of the DAISEY training and technical assistance team. He has spent multiple years in the software and IT fields, which helps him bring a technical skillset to the DAISEY team. Additionally, Charles has previously worked as a journalist and editor out of New Mexico. He occasionally does freelance assignments for magazines and publications. He enjoys speaking with DAISEY users and helping to answer any questions they may have about DAISEY. Outside of the DAISEY team, you can find Charles reading comic books with his daughter.

Helpdesk Specialist to the StarsHugh Naughtin, BM

Helpdesk Specialist to the Stars

Hugh Naughtin, BM

Hugh works on several evaluation and data projects at CPPR and is a proud member of the DAISEY team specializing in training and technical assistance. Hugh is organized and communicates clearly, a skill that serves him well on our DAISEY helpdesk and training support. Hugh received his Bachelors in Music from Lawrence University. His passions include singing (a member of the Kansas City Chorale 7 years and counting), coffee, cheese, science fiction, basketball, and terrible punning – which the rest of team DAISEY graciously tolerates.

User Advocate by Day, Bookworm by NightMary Palermo, MS

User Advocate by Day, Bookworm by Night

Mary Palermo, MS

Mary is charged with championing the use of DAISEY for grantees of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund (KCCTF). She helps new programs and staff hop on board the DAISEY train by providing technical assistance and creating protocols and tracking forms. She handles every task and help request with dogged determination, working toward the most perfect solution for all. Mary has a Masters of Clinical Psychology degree from Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), and when she’s “off the clock” Mary reads science fiction or mystery novels into the wee hours of the night.

Harmonizer, Project Manager, and Extreme Muffin-MakerLoretta Severin, BA

Harmonizer, Project Manager, and Extreme Muffin-Maker

Loretta Severin, BA

Loretta supports two DAISEY initiatives, and is planting seeds for a brand new system known as IRIS. She is a project manager extraordinaire and has her finger on the pulse of it all. Formerly, as coordinator of the Kansas Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems project, she ensured implementation of goals and objectives in harmony with state and local partners. This experience, along with specialized training in substance misuse disorders, child abuse prevention, developmental screening, and a BA from the University of Kansas, makes her uniquely qualified to understand the needs of DAISEY users. Loretta loves time spent in her kitchen (cooking–not cleaning!) and, as her colleagues will attest, has perfected the ultimate pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

Data SorcererBrian Vancil, MA

Data Sorcerer

Brian Vancil, MA

Brian proffers his services to several initiatives at DAISEY in the form of data management and analysis. He coaxes data into visualizations like caterpillars into butterflies. As a theoretical physicist turned science educator turned data scientist, he enjoys the quest to solve complex problems, relying on years of experience analyzing physical and social science data. Brian earned a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from Stanford University, and an M.A. in Physics and Astronomy from Rutgers University. He loves to learn new programming languages in his spare time, and tends to sip dubious teas while pondering intractable questions.