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Optimizing the well being of at-risk children and families

The DAISEY team

We are social scientists with practical field experience, committed to changing the landscape of data management for organizations serving young children and families. We are evaluation and data experts and can suggest a range of solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our DAISEY software is a customizable, shared measurement system that helps you demonstrate the impact of services on child and family outcomes.

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We are all about making connections


We are all about making connections.

Connecting partners with data solutions and workflow designs that make sense for their unique needs

Connecting practitioners to the information they need to help families succeed

Connecting stakeholders and constituents with information demonstrating results and impact

Connecting the first five years of a young child’s life to a thriving future


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We don’t just offer the DAISEY software system as a solution to all your problems; we work with you to use your existing data software and find alternative data solutions that work together in a seamless and coordinated way. Because your history is significant in defining how to achieve your goals we take the time to get to know where you are, what you are accomplishing, and how you are impacting the lives of children and families.

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Teri A. Garstka, Ph.D., Associate Director
Center for Public Partnerships and Research
University of Kansas

Jared Barton, M.S.W., Associate Researcher
Center for Public Partnerships and Research
University of Kansas


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