What is DAISEY?


The DAISEY Software System

DAISEY is a web-based shared measurement system housed on a secure, HIPAA-compliant server at the University of Kansas. DAISEY is highly flexible, configurable, and a secure individual-level data system designed especially to handle large-scale evaluations and collective impact analysis.



DAISEY provides funders with the power to consistently measure and analyze the impact across a range of funded programs or services to make data-driven decisions.


DAISEY gives users and funders the ability to visually see and analytically explore the impact that programs and services are having on individuals or families.



DAISEY has the ability to define multiple user roles within an organization from reviewer to administrator and can be configured to allow data sharing among community partners if desired.



DAISEY is seamlessly integrated with Tableau, a rapid-fire business intelligence platform that equips anyone to analyze data quickly. Tableau allows DAISEY users to produce crisp, friendly reports in real-time, and to interact with those reports to filter, pinpoint, and visualize just the data needed to tell their unique stories.



DAISEY was developed and is managed by a cross-disciplinary team of specialists at the University of Kansas. DAISEY comes with expert technical assistance funders need to implement a large-scale shared measurement system including:

  • Administering data governance, confidentiality and data sharing agreements
  • Selecting and aligning common measures and outcome indicators
  • Integrating DAISEY into program workflow or coordinating with existing data systems
  • Extensive training and technical assistance to funders and users before, during, and after implementation
  • Impact analytics, cross-site evaluation, extensive reports and data visualization, continuous quality improvement (CQI)

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