Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund

Common Measures Initiative

The Kansas Children’s Cabinet uses DAISEY to support its innovative Common Measures Initiative across its funded portfolio of early childhood programs. DAISEY is the shared measurement system that collects consistent individual-level information about early childhood interventions and measurable outcomes achieved by programs across the state of Kansas, including Early Childhood Block Grants, Community-Based Child Abuse and Prevention Programs, and Children’s Initiative Fund programs. DAISEY helps support data-driven decisions by the Cabinet about what works for Kansas children and families.


Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Bureau of Family Health

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Bureau of Family Health is using DAISEY to build a strong data infrastructure at the state and local level to demonstrate the impact of Family Health programming on children, youth and families across Kansas. DAISEY is the HIPAA-compliance shared measurement system that collects information about Title services provided by Aid to Local grantees, including departments of public health and nonprofit organizations. DAISEY helps the Bureau of Family Health fulfill federal reporting requirements and provide technical assistance in support of coordinated client-centered services and programs for women, children, and families.


Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV)

Home Visiting Outcomes

DAISEY is used as a shared measurement system by Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin in support of its MIECHV benchmark reporting requirements or state-funded home visiting programs. DAISEY offers a sustainable, cost-effective system for states to collect or integrate consistent information about families served and outcomes achieved by evidence-based home visiting programs across a state. DAISEY provides state agencies and local implementing agencies with a user-friendly system to store home visiting data and to deliver high quality reports on benchmark progress or continuous quality improvement efforts. Telling the story of home visiting success with individual-level data is DAISEY’s strength.


Kansas Department for Children and Families

Kansas Early Head Start Programs

The Kansas Department for Children and Families supports several Early Head Start programs across the state and uses DAISEY to collect and aggregate federal program reporting requirements. DAISEY is the shared measurement system that brings data together from multiple programs to support DCF’s continued monitoring, reporting, and technical assistance to early childhood programs that it supports in Kansas.

Wisconsin Child Abuse Prevention Board

Intervention and Education Programs

The Wisconsin Child Abuse Prevention Board began contracting with CPPR to use DAISEY for its data collection starting in 2019. Grantees in communities throughout Wisconsin use DAISEY to enter program data collected in the provision of their program services, which focus on various levels of intervention and education for parents to address and prevent child abuse and neglect. They collect both client level data for individuals enrolled in their services, as well as aggregated data for group sessions provided in various community settings. DAISEY houses all of this data and also provides reports developed by the DAISEY Team which aid local users in understanding trends in assessment scores for program participants, participant demographics, and activity completion during enrollments.